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How to profit from new language technologies in automotive translation

The translation industry was one of the first industries to undergo digital transformation. In the early 1990s, translators and translation companies began to use translation memories – i.e. databases in which they stored translations. With each new translation, they first looked at the translation memory and used any existing translations in order to reduce the total cost for…
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Aikwit’s Virtual Office

Coronavirus has already profoundly changed the way we work and Aikwit is no exception. We started working from home last Thursday to help stem the spread of the epidemic. Fortunately, we made a strategic decision in January to start using the Microsoft Teams communication platform available as part of our Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Despite…
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10 languages, no worries – with Aikwit!

Work process The client needs translations of different types of texts, which can be roughly divided into: instructions for use texts for social media advertising and email marketing communication with customers The texts come every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in different formats: excel files with or without html content, csv, pdf, inDesign files, etc. For…
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Need a translation? Here’s 5 key questions to ask your translation provider

Ordering a translation and can’t decide what language service provider (LSP) to select? You’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 key questions you need to ask your language service provider before ordering a translation from them. 1) How are you managing terminology? According to translation technology market leader SDL, terminology is the greatest…
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Machine Translation

Smart Translation Strategies for E-Commerce

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries in Europe with a turnover of 534 billion Euros in 2017. For online shops, expanding into new markets is fairly easy – at least compared to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. You only really need a website and you are good to go. 75% of global consumers prefer to…
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High-speed translation – good enough quality

What to do when a deadline is looming and you still have a huge amount of text to translate? Short deadlines can be a cause of great stress and it is often impossible to find a translator willing to do the job. The average translator daily throughput is 2000-2500 words and even if you convince someone to…
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